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Seeing Life Through the Lens of Horticultural Therapy (一花一世界)

Fall 2023

Horticultural therapy is a process led by trained therapists purposefully using plants and gardens in therapeutic activities designed to positively affect a set of defined health outcomes for individuals. Many research findings validated mental health benefits when it promotes positive feelings, relief from acute stress, and a sense of purpose and hope during the process.

This workshop was facilitated by Dr Nicolson Siu, a registered Horticultural Therapist of the Hong Kong Association of Therapeutic Horticulture as well as a lecturer of Division of Social Science, HKUST. Participants were able to engage in various cognitive processes through gentle touches and utilized creativity with scarce resources to create simple but unique moss puzzles. Participants were also given the opportunity to share their hands-on experience and realized that they were able to overcome difficulties by themselves and create their unique paths in life.

Participants were encouraged to continue cherishing and respecting life of the moss puzzle they created. Tips on how to nurture and take care of the moss puzzles were also shared.