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Mental Health Matters - Stepping Out of Stigma

Fall 2018

• Experience Sharing on Crisis Management and Psychological First Aid by Ms. LUI, (Registered Social Worker, Registered Hypnotherapist, Family
Mediator and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner) @11 Oct 2018
Crisis management is a diverse range of strategies that help an organization deal with an unexpected negative event that might otherwise cause significant damage. Crises occur for many reasons, including natural disasters, information leaks and security breaches, public defamation, lawsuits or violence.

• Mental Well-being in Facing Life Adversity by Mr. Stephen Char, (Barrister and Accredited Mediator) @18 Oct 2018
Mr. Stephen char shared a talk on mental well-being in facing life adversity. Due to poverty when he was young, Stephen lost his opportunity to receive education. However, he was persistent in learning and was awarded MSocSc(Crim) and MSocSc(Counselling) from the University of Hong Kong. Life can't always be smooth. He got liver cancer in 1994 and then recovered. In 1997, he was elected as one of the Top Ten Regeneration Warriors.

• Lived Experience Sharing by two speakers who suffered from Bipolar Disorder @19 Oct 2018
Two speakers, with the background of chronic suffering from eczema and bullying in school, and high stress from family and work respectively, shared with us how they discovered they got sick and how they recovered with medication, counseling and support from family and friends. With such, they resume leading a normal life with more adaptive ways to deal with stress. The sharing of their experience was unique and touching. It was also great to understand that people suffering from mental disorders are able to recover well with adequate support.