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LOVE1010: Building Satisfying Relationships that Last

Spring 2018

• RELATIONSHIPS WORK! - Boost Your Relationship EQ

Two experienced Imago Relationship Therapists, Leonie Romeo and Kay Hunter, shared some key knowledge and practices that would enhance students’ ability to develop a healthy and successful intimate relationship. Imago Dialogue, a powerful skill of communication and connection, was also introduced for the students to practice during the workshop.

• Family of Origin and its Impacts on Your Relationship

Our Student Counselors, Chris Leung and Vava Kwok, led the students to explore their Family of Origin, early attachment experiences as well as psychosocial developmental stages which shaped childhood and upbringing experiences and how are these experiences carrying an impact on students and their choice of relationship.

• The 38 Truths about Love

Dr. Raymond Au, Associate Professor (Counseling Studies) at the China Graduate School of Theology and former Director of Breakthrough Counseling Center, has extensive professional experience with marriage counseling and published over 50 books about building healthy relationships. He shared with students the gender differences in expectation and perception and how to develop key habits for building and sustaining a loving relationship.