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Mindfulness: The Power of Being Here and Now

Spring 2020

To build a healthier mental state while we are having less human connection and more online learning, we invited students to join our 4-session developmental groups to practice mindfulness and happiness together.

• Meditation for Everyday Life - Healing for the Anxious Mind
Mindfulness meditation is moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment. It has been scientifically proven effective in enhancing positive mood and reducing negative emotions such as anxiety and depression. It also helps improving concentration, boosting immune system and reducing stress. In the sessions, students learnt about different ways of meditation, build up meditation habit, enhance bodily awareness and emotional management skills, for better stress coping and psychological well-being.

• Mindful Way to Happiness
Research suggested that practicing mindfulness regularly could bring more calm and effectiveness into everyday life, reduce stress and enhance mental capacity. Ultimately, it would make you feel happier. In the sessions, students gained better understanding of the science of mindfulness, different types of meditation and how to boost up happiness level by practicing mindfulness. Some students are still getting together and continue the practice after the four sessions. Stay Happy, Stay Positive!