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Can't Stop the Wave. Let's Learn to Surf: Cultivating Self-Compassion for Well-Being

Fall 2020

Whilst many of us find it natural to offer compassion towards others, we may struggle to offer the same sense of kindness and tenderness to ourselves, especially when life brings challenges and failures. In fact, self-criticism and judgment can reduce our ability to experience joy in everyday life - and even hold us back from achieving our personal goals.

In this workshop, Dr Adrian Wan guided us to learn how to cultivate more personal space for loving awareness and self-kindness in our daily life, thus enhancing our capacity for emotional well-being and building resilience. With a spirt of openness and tenderness, we will stop being so hard on ourselved but motivate and encourage us with greater ease and confidence.

Dr Adrian Wan is a registered Social Work (R.S.W.), CT and the first Certified Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Teacher in Hong Kong.