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“Be More with Less” 斷‧捨‧離

Fall 2020

With the new norm of coronavirus outbreak, you may be bound to spend more time indoor. It also means you may spend a lot more time surrounded by your own stuff. Our addiction to consumption may fill up our closets, cabinets, cupboards and even countertops. They all add up so fast that our consumption habits often outpace the space available to store our belongings. Pretty soon our homes look more like a storage instead of a rejuvenating retreat from the hustle of daily life.

Our workshop in January is definitely a good start of this year to help you simplify life in practical steps. Ms. Sharon Lam is a certified professional organizer at the Japan Shuno Licensing Association. She started Home Therapy to provide decluttering and organizational services in Hong Kong since 2018. She shared with us the 80/20 rules, the 15 stuff to get rid of right away and showcased the KonMari Folding Method to orgranize our closet and shoe cabinet to help you get a sense of accomplishment, let go of the past, uplift your mood and regain energy.