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Embracing “New Normal” On Campus

Fall 2021

One of the biggest challenges brought forth by COVID-19 is the significant disruption to our normal campus life. We may be prompt to feelings of fear and anxiety regarding resuming classes, observing regular study routines, and building new relationships with others when we are back on campus after a substantial period.

We are pleased to invite Miss Chan Siu Ling, a trainer from Hong Kong Satir Center and a Certified Marriage and Family Therapist, and Miss Cindy Leung, a Clinical Psychologist to deliver Cantonese and English workshops respectively on how to face and better ease in campus life under a variety of new challenges to our students.

By the end of the sessions, students grasped some effective tips and strategies for staying afloat amidst their stress and anxiety, had more self-awareness under stress and some ways to come out with profound personal growth when facing new challenges.