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Exploring Romance and Seduction Through Bodynamic

Winter 2021

Bodynamic is a body psychotherapy that allows us to connect our emotional and behavioral patterns through our body and mind. It aims to make verbal psychotherapy more efficient and effective by leveraging a precise and practical approach to work with the body.

In these four workshops, Ms. Kristina V. Marcher, an international trainer and therapist of Bodynamic taught us what parts of our muscles and how they are connected to our developmental stages. Students experienced some practical exercises on mirror and picture body reading to gain an understanding of where to put attention to the theme of Romance and Seduction. Love relationship is an essential part of our life, as such, Kristina introduced the theory of love and sexuality character structure and shared with us some exercises on how to reconnect to our body for exploring our psychological needs with the key component of balancing and changing the structure: center, boundaries and grounding.

Concepts of relationship and exercises on love and needs were also covered for self-reflection and self-exploration. Students would know how to modulate and connect to their body, make changes to achieve their goal, improve their confidence and become clearer about what they want in a relationship as well as how to present themselves in the best way after these workshops.