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When food is more than just food: Feeding and Eating Disorders

Spring 2022

Eating and feeding are fundamental functions necessary for surviving and thriving. Many clients with neurodiversity and mental health issues experience profound disturbances with food in some way. Feeding disorders are more often associated with infants and children, while eating disorders are commonly found in teens and adults.

We are pleased to invite Dr. Michelle Chan, Registered Clinical Psychologist & Associate Fellow of the Hong Kong Psychological Society, to deliver a talk and share the factors contributing to Eating Disorders, the influence of parenting on eating disorders, high-risk group identification and the tips to help and self-help.

Dr. Michelle Chan indicated that one's own perception on eating and body image, personality, emotions, family factors (such as parenting styles, family dynamics) and social factors can all contribute to the development of eating disorders. She also pointed out that there are some preventions for eating disorders such as early identification of these factors and psychoeducation, as well as various scientific psychological treatments when eating disorders are observed.

By the end of the workshop, students gained practical tips on how to take care of themselves and the ways to support their peers for enhancing their emotional wellness.