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We can Heal What We Feel

Fall 2022

Our emotional reactions, moods and attitudes can directly influence our health. When emotions are recognized, understood and expressed, they are as valuable as any available healing intervention. By being aware of and embracing our emotions, we gain access to the healing wisdom that is our natural and biological right. Emotional regulation is learning to tolerate emotional stress and embrace its symptoms. Achieving this can help us build resilience and avert adverse side effects when faced with life’s challenges.

In this workshop, Ms. Ann So, an Educational Psychologist from the Edge Development Center and a Full member of the Division of Educational Psychology from Hong Kong Psychological Society shared with us more about the concept of emotions, the causes, effects, and symptoms of moods to facilitate our self-understanding of emotions. She also introduced some mood regulation strategies based on positive psychology such as lists of pleasantness, and gratitude journals, as well as some strategies of mindfulness and flow experience to help us nurture positive emotions and embrace negative emotions in our daily lives. She pointed out any mood is normal and encouraged us to appreciate any mood we have.

By the end of the workshop, students gained practical tips on how to be aware of own emotions and regulate moods for better facing life’s challenges.