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[從外而內的發現自己之旅] 心度遊日營 - "Chill" Up Your Heart

Fall 2022

Fully understood that students have been working diligently for their finals. After all the efforts, a mindful break will make space to refresh and recharge. As such, our Center in collaboration with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), had held a relaxing day camp in Stanley Outdoor Training Camp (赤柱戶外訓練營) for students to “chill” up and reconnect with friends to have an enjoyable time after all the hard work that they put in.

A group of students joined this fun and relaxing day with Suki Chan, Trainer and Camp Manager of HKFYG. In the morning, students had some interactive games, made new friends, and explored themselves through a behavioral assessment - DISC personality test. While, the afternoon session brought students a taste of simple yoga sketching and mindfulness exercise under sunbathing and with the sound of the sea. Students felt relaxed and relieved from stress. Besides, students experienced Pastel Nagomi Art, a form of healing art founded in Japan. Through drawing and sharing, they got connected with peers and within themselves.

After the camp, participants were refreshed and recharged. They also found some insights into the way of self-care and connection with their hearts.