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Let Yourself Be Happy - Build a Healthy Relationship with Self

Spring 2023

People usually lose themselves when always focusing on things out of their control and pleasing people around them. Sometimes, it is important to move the focus back on ourselves and develop a healthy self-relationship that opens the door to a life of independence, emotional stability, and a better lifestyle.

In this workshop, Ms Fiona Tsang, an experienced counselor from THE COMPANIONS, provided some quiet moments and guided students through some exercises to reflect on their values and cultivate awareness of their physiological reactions, feelings, thoughts. Different coping stances that may affect our way to speak to others and ourselves in stressful situations are also introduced. Ms Tsang also shared cases that illustrated how to apply above concepts in real life situations and ended with some practical tips to help students crave out “me-time” among busy schedule to reflect and grow stronger in face of future challenges.

By the end of the workshop, students have grasped all the essentials that laid foundation for building a healthier relationship with themselves - to accept one's limitations, make the right choices, and take responsibility on our own choices with kindness and compassion.