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Growing in Romantic Relationships 「侶」程修行

Spring 2023

This workshop enabled students in developing a deeper understanding of the dynamics of romantic relationship, including recognizing and addressing potential issues such as love violence, conflicts, and boundary violations. This involves several key steps, including learning to identify and address emotional blackmail, understanding your own reactions and patterns in conflicts, and setting appropriate boundaries.

Intimate partner violence, including emotional blackmail, can be a serious issue in romantic relationships. By learning to recognize the signs of emotional blackmail and other forms of love violence, individuals can take steps to protect themselves and their partners. Conflicts are a natural part of any relationship, but learning to handle them in a healthy and productive way is a key to grow in a romantic relationship. By focusing on effective communication and working towards mutual understanding and resolution, conflicts can become an opportunity for growth and deepening connection. Finally, setting appropriate boundaries is crucial to maintaining a healthy and respectful romantic relationship. By creating a safe and respectful space for emotional and physical intimacy, individuals can create a foundation for a healthy and fulfilling romantic relationship.

By prioritizing effective communication, mutual respect, and emotional and physical safety, individuals can build a strong and healthy romantic relationship.