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Setting Boundaries for Healthy Relationships

Spring 2023

Relationship is a significant element of life, and boundaries are crucial in relationships. In every kind of relationship - from family and friends to classmates and someone you just know, healthy boundaries create mutual respect between individuals and pave the way for sustainable and comfortable relationships, enhancing our well-being. Without healthy boundaries, we can feel unsafe, imbalanced, and suffer from relationships.

In this workshop, Ms. Gigi Pang, a Counseling Psychologist from Edge Development Centre introduced to us more about what a boundary is in relationships and different kinds of boundaries. She also shared with us how to recognize healthy and unhealthy boundaries in different relationships and guided us to be aware of our own boundaries. More importantly, Gigi provided some practical tips on how we could build appropriate boundaries in relationships for our healthy interactions with others. She additionally navigated us to communicate our boundaries with others through some exercises. She pointed out that we could be assertive in communication and at the same time listen to our significant others’ needs, building a mutual understanding between each other for a long-term healthy relationship with others.

By the end of the workshop, students gained insightful messages and tips on setting the ground for building happy relationships filled with love and respect.