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Art of Decluttering - Terminating Toxic Relationships in Life

Spring 2023

All of us crave a sense of connection and love from different kinds of relationships. Although we often gain support and joy from relationships, sometimes some relationships can start off or become unhealthy over time. Unhealthy relationships can bring us suffering and influence our mental well-being.

We are pleased to invite Dr. Nicky Yu, a registered clinical psychologist, accredited by the Department of Health, to introduce what are toxic relationships and the ways to declutter toxic relationships.

In this workshop, Dr. Yu delved into different types of toxic relationships that can exist in our lives and provided insights into how factors such as parenting and attachment styles can contribute to making it difficult to leave these relationships. She also shared some examples and signs of unhealthy relationships and guided us to build self-awareness and communicate our thoughts and feelings effectively to grow stronger and more secure relationships over time.

By the end of the workshop, students gained essential messages on how to review, identify and let go of unhealthy relationships, freeing up space for positive connections, as well as tips on building healthy relationships based on trust and respect, laying the foundation for happier and more fulfilling relationships.