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Building Loving and Supportive Relations with Parents

Spring 2023

Even when transitioning into university, a good student-parental relationship is still particularly important as it could make you feel safe, loved, valued, and supported when coping with all kinds of changes and life stressors in the world. However, people may go a long way in building or maintaining healthy relationships with parents while struggling in the process of developing unique identity and personal beliefs.

In this workshop, Miss Fiona Tsang, an experienced counselor from THE COMPANIONS, provided guidance on discovering what are the roles of parents and exploring our expectations towards parents. The roles of parents could influence our values, self-worth, communication styles, and relationships with society. She also shared her personal story on understanding parents as human beings with limitations and flaws.

More importantly, Fiona provided some practical tips on how we can communicate and connect with our parents effectively, including accepting our feelings and experiences, identifying our expectations, setting our boundaries, and making better choices for ourselves.. By the end of the workshop, students are equipped with important messages to foster positive relationships with their parents.