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JUSTalk Series (Vol. 2) – Unleashing Your Potential by Embracing Personal Growth 問心講 ─ 從心尋路向

Fall 2023

The workshop adopted the concept of a human library, featuring guest speakers who were Peer Companions supported by the Counseling and Wellness Center and Ambassadors from Community Mental Wellness Education Service, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service. The speakers courageously shared their experiences of mental illness and emotional distress and discussed how they navigated these challenges in their personal development journeys. They explored stress management strategies while pursuing personal growth pathways and emphasized the significance of embracing flaws and changing perspectives. With the intention of fostering self-acceptance, facilitating honest discussions about failure, bolstering resilience, encouraging a culture of seeking help, and nurturing the exchange of wisdom among peers, the workshop provided an environment where student participants could actively engage with guest speakers and acquire valuable insights and learn from the shared experiences.