About Us

The Counseling and Wellness Center is here to support you gain self-understanding, emotional resilience and personal insights into any challenges you may be experiencing throughout your university years.  We provide high quality counseling and evidence-based psychological service that help you put into effect real changes, unleash your personal potential, as well as to enhance your psychological well-being.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Nelson Mandela


All personal information and details shared and discussed in all counseling or therapy sessions are strictly confidential.  Under normal circumstances, your information and details will not be shared with anyone without your express consent.  There are only two exceptions: (a) when you are not in a position to take responsibility for your own actions and the Counselor is significantly concerned about you or someone else that you are talking about; (b) when a valid court order is issued for counseling record and we are bound by law to comply with such requests.


During the course of counseling, there may be times when it is to your benefits for the Counselor to liaise with others, including health professionals, university staff and guardians.  The counseling service will only do this with your agreement on a written consent.  As part of a collaborative therapeutic relationship, you may approach your Counselor for an open discussion.


Why are counseling services private and confidential?


Our Center’s environment is built on an intention of sharing with you a sense of privacy and serenity. We sincerely hope that our family-friendly environment would help you express your personal concerns
at a more comfortable manner. Let’s beautify
our lives progressively on a
beautiful campus!

Our Professional Team

Head, Counseling and Wellness

Dr Silver Chan


Senior Counselor

Ms Vava Kwok



Ms Antonia Cheung

   Ms Jiachun Li

Mr Frank Chu

   Mr Will Sham

Ms Kelly Lee

   Mr Jason Sze-to

Mr Angus Li

   Ms Stephanie Wong


Psychiatric-Mental Health Registered Nurse

Ms Sheri Wong

(upon referral by Psychologist/Counselor)



Why are counseling services private and confidential?

When students decide to meet with a counselor, they need sufficient emotional support to manage their life adversities and mental health concerns. A student may be going through stressful experiences, traumatic life events, fear of judgement and an emotional roller coaster ride of mental health symptoms. They may feel embarrassed, vulnerable or a sense of shame, and may be reluctant to share their private feelings and secrets if they do not feel safe and comfortable in the counseling environment. It is of utmost importance for a counselor to gain trust from a student and build rapport with them to ensure the effectiveness of counseling/psychotherapy. Sometimes, the discussion may involve substance abuse, sexual activity, and concerns about other behaviors that might violate the student conduct code.

Counseling/psychotherapy is considered confidential to protect students’ personal experiences and the therapeutic relationship. Nevertheless, there are exceptions that confidentiality would not be upheld, particularly if the counselor is significantly concerned about the safety of student or someone else that the student is talking about.