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Give Hope, Give a Hand 伸出援手,重燃希望

Winter 2022

To gear students up as gatekeeper for peers support and the ones whom care about, the Counseling and Wellness center equipped students with suicidal risk assessment skills, intervention strategies, and the understanding of the factors associated with psychiatric disorders involved in suicide.

In this talk, Mr. Ken Lam, Psychiatric-Mental Health Registered Nurse, Counseling and Wellness Center, HKUST, explored the myths and facts of suicide. He offered practical techniques and counselling skills in promptly supporting distressed clients. He also introduced the knowledge of mental state examination to enhance students' understanding of mental disorders.

By the end of the talk, students' abilities are strengthened to identify the suicide risk of people.

[從外而內的發現自己之旅] 心度遊日營 - "Chill" Up Your Heart

Fall 2022

Fully understood that students have been working diligently for their finals. After all the efforts, a mindful break will make space to refresh and recharge. As such, our Center in collaboration with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), had held a relaxing day camp in Stanley Outdoor Training Camp (赤柱戶外訓練營) for students to “chill” up and reconnect with friends to have an enjoyable time after all the hard work that they put in.

A group of students joined this fun and relaxing day with Suki Chan, Trainer and Camp Manager of HKFYG. In the morning, students had some interactive games, made new friends, and explored themselves through a behavioral assessment - DISC personality test. While, the afternoon session brought students a taste of simple yoga sketching and mindfulness exercise under sunbathing and with the sound of the sea. Students felt relaxed and relieved from stress. Besides, students experienced Pastel Nagomi Art, a form of healing art founded in Japan. Through drawing and sharing, they got connected with peers and within themselves.

After the camp, participants were refreshed and recharged. They also found some insights into the way of self-care and connection with their hearts.

Live Out Your Full Potential Through Self Understanding

Fall 2022

"Studying at University is like swimming in the sea. Everyone is crawling days and nights but no one actually knows where they are heading to."

Our society teaches us to make the most of opportunities and strive for the best outcomes. We follow the crowd, submitting numerous applications and occupying ourselves with unbearable loadings. But how are these things, indeed, related to our life? Am I on the right track?

In this workshop, students learned theories about self-concept development and understood the relationships between self- agency, goal setting and psychological wellbeing. By the end, students should be able to acquire tools to explore and clarify self-understanding.

Sexual Health, Safe Sex and Trauma (Part II)

Fall 2022

According to the WHO (2006), sexual health is “a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality… (that) requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence”

This workshop introduced practical ways to handle traumatic experience, cultivate resilience and wellbeing through the lens of positive psychology.

Dr. WONG Chung Hin Willy is a specialist in psychiatry and the Director of Hong Kong Psychiatry and Integrated Medical Centre. He is also a certified sex therapist of the Hong Kong Association of Sexuality Educators, Researchers and Therapists Limited. Mr. Carl Chung is the founder of Teengineer - Institute of Positive Psychology. He has an extensive experience in promoting the science of well-being and mental health to the public.

Sexual Health, Safe Sex and Trauma (Part I)

Fall 2022

Intimacy, sexuality and sexual expression are basic human needs. Our understanding towards sex and intimacy affects how we see ourselves and the relationships with others. This workshop discussed the relationship between having a healthy view on sexuality and its impacts on overall psychological well-being. By achieving positive relationships, you will enjoy the companionship, excitement, fulfillment of emotional pleasure and love.

Dr. WONG Chung Hin Willy is a specialist in psychiatry and the Director of Hong Kong Psychiatry and Integrated Medical Centre. He is also a certified sex therapist of the Hong Kong Association of Sexuality Educators, Researchers and Therapists Limited. Mr. Hugo Ho has an extensive experience in working with children and youth. He currently focuses on sexual minority services and provides voluntary sex therapy consultation for deprived groups.

We can Heal What We Feel

Fall 2022

Our emotional reactions, moods and attitudes can directly influence our health. When emotions are recognized, understood and expressed, they are as valuable as any available healing intervention. By being aware of and embracing our emotions, we gain access to the healing wisdom that is our natural and biological right. Emotional regulation is learning to tolerate emotional stress and embrace its symptoms. Achieving this can help us build resilience and avert adverse side effects when faced with life’s challenges.

In this workshop, Ms. Ann So, an Educational Psychologist from the Edge Development Center and a Full member of the Division of Educational Psychology from Hong Kong Psychological Society shared with us more about the concept of emotions, the causes, effects, and symptoms of moods to facilitate our self-understanding of emotions. She also introduced some mood regulation strategies based on positive psychology such as lists of pleasantness, and gratitude journals, as well as some strategies of mindfulness and flow experience to help us nurture positive emotions and embrace negative emotions in our daily lives. She pointed out any mood is normal and encouraged us to appreciate any mood we have.

By the end of the workshop, students gained practical tips on how to be aware of own emotions and regulate moods for better facing life’s challenges.

Up with Hope, Down with Dope

Fall 2022

Is substance a blessing? Or is it a curse? Driven by curiosity and peer pressure, we are always tempted to try various substances and drugs as they seem fascinating. However, don’t take it the wrong way! They can wreak havoc to your health and life.

In this talk, Mr. Ken Lam, Psychiatric-Mental Health Registered Nurse, Counseling and Wellness Center of HKUST, strengthened students’ understanding of the prevalent types of substances in Hong Kong, including drugs and alcohol. He also explained the repercussion to our physical well-being and psychosocial functioning induced by substances. Skills to resist the lure of substances were also explored.

Dive into the Closet: ABC for LGBTQ+

Spring 2022

Have you heard of someone who shares their LGBT+ identities? You may have come across different terms such as pansexual, asexual, non-binary and more. What do they mean? How many types of sexes and genders (yes, there are more than male and female) are there?

This online workshop introduced “The Genderbread Person” to understand gender identity, gender expression and anatomical sex.

LGBT+ members may feel frustrated and confused because of the sexuality issue along the development. Student counselor shared Cass’s Model to overcome internalised homophobia and ways to support LGBT+ peers.

When food is more than just food: Feeding and Eating Disorders

Spring 2022

Eating and feeding are fundamental functions necessary for surviving and thriving. Many clients with neurodiversity and mental health issues experience profound disturbances with food in some way. Feeding disorders are more often associated with infants and children, while eating disorders are commonly found in teens and adults.

We are pleased to invite Dr. Michelle Chan, Registered Clinical Psychologist & Associate Fellow of the Hong Kong Psychological Society, to deliver a talk and share the factors contributing to Eating Disorders, the influence of parenting on eating disorders, high-risk group identification and the tips to help and self-help.

Dr. Michelle Chan indicated that one's own perception on eating and body image, personality, emotions, family factors (such as parenting styles, family dynamics) and social factors can all contribute to the development of eating disorders. She also pointed out that there are some preventions for eating disorders such as early identification of these factors and psychoeducation, as well as various scientific psychological treatments when eating disorders are observed.

By the end of the workshop, students gained practical tips on how to take care of themselves and the ways to support their peers for enhancing their emotional wellness.

Sleep Smart and Flourish

Spring 2022

Sleep plays an important role in physical health, cognitive functioning and emotional wellbeing of individuals with and without mental illnesses. Students may usually put themselves to the limits during mid-term and final exam periods by depriving themselves of quality sleep. A research shows that there is a correlation between sleep and academic performance. Sleep deprivation and deficiency will affect students’ decision-making, diminish working memory and thus lead to poorer academic results.

We are pleased to invite Dr. Esther Lau, Member of Register of Clinical Psychologists accredited by Department of Health & Associate Professor, Sleep Laboratory, Department of Psychology, The Education University of Hong Kong, to deliver a talk and cover the topics of basic sleep science, sleep problems types and symptoms, as well as sleep smart strategy.

Dr. Esther Lau pointed out the power of sleep that could clear cellular wastes, enhance working memory, improve our ability to regulate emotions and make better planning, decrease risk-taking behaviors and vulnerability to anxiety and depression.

By the end of the session, students have grasped different sleep hygiene tips to regulate their sleep-wake circle and get a better sleep quality for a better work performance and more flourishing life!