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Mental Health Matters - Building a Happy Campus

Fall 2019

Mental Health Matters extended to bring a series of exciting dialogues with Clear Water Bay Psychologists* in “Friends, Enemies and Frenemies”, “Finding the Happy You”, “Speaking of Love” and “Cities and Health”. We are thankful that students are increasing their awareness in these topics which have positive impacts on their psychological health. Let’s continue to build healthy habits and be incredibly happy people!

* Special thanks to Prof. Eva Chen, Dr. Beatrice Lai, Prof. Kevin Tam and Prof. Michelle Yik

Self-care after Critical Incidents

Fall 2019

You may face unique stressors on a daily basis and even feel heart-breaking after critical incidents, causing unusually strong emotional reactions and potential harm to our normal function. Self-care is extending compassion and kindness to your well-being in view of perceived inadequacy and helplessness. By getting a balance and re-connecting to our body and mind, you can be more confident and productive in your regular routine.

Visit to TszShan Monastery 慈山寺 -- 禪。踪。遊

Spring 2019

TszShan Monastery is famous for its serenity scenery and strong Zen atmosphere. The Monastery’s natural environment provides visitors with a tranquil and uncontaminated sanctuary for spiritual purification and mind flourishing.

During the day trip, participants could enjoy activities by developing self-care and sense of interconnectedness to cultivating prosociality, including experiential visits, Zen calligraphy, movie appreciation, meditation and mindful lunch.

Eat and Celebrate in My Culture

Spring 2019

We have invited students with different cultural identities to share with us their unique festivals and how they have adjusted well in Hong Kong.

Students learnt more about the culture in Serbia, India and Canada. It was a great chance to taste some multicultural food, get relax and make more new friends.

Breathe. Yoga. And Meditate

Spring 2019

Meditation helps improving concentration, boosting immune system and reducing stress. Yoga is a great way to work on one’s flexibility and strength.

In this experiential workshop, students learnt some basic yoga, breathing and meditation techniques that could bridge our body-mind connection.

In Pursuit of Authentic Happiness

Spring 2019

According to Prof. Sonja Lyubomirsky, a renowned social psychologist, we can boost our happiness by showing our gratitude to others, cultivating optimism, practicing acts of kindness, nurturing trustful social relationships, practicing mindfulness, exercising, feeling hopeful and cultivating laughter.

To achieve these goals, a four-session developmental group was offered to encourage students achieving authentic happiness through various meaningful practices.

Meditation for Everyday Life - Healing for the Anxious Mind

Spring 2018 & 2019

Mindfulness meditation is moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment. It has been scientifically proven effective in enhancing positive mood and reducing negative emotions such as anxiety and depression. It also helps improving concentration, boosting immune system and reducing stress. Mindfulness interventions have been widely practiced on the globe, including Oxford Mindfulness Center and UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.

If you would like to enjoy the natural weight-less state of mindfulness meditation, this six-week mind-refreshing program will be beneficial to your soul searching journey. This is a continuation of promoting meditation culture on our university campus since early 2017.

Working Together to Support Students with Difficulties

Fall 2018

A customized interactive 3-hour workshop on supporting students with difficulties was co-organized by the Counseling and Wellness Center and the Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center. The workshop is designed to support SBM faculty and staff who have frequent student interactions to help students who are experiencing mental health or addiction challenges or in crisis.

Make Your Own Dream Catcher

Fall 2018

The Dream Catcher is originally from American Indian culture. Participants joined our workshop and took home with them of their dream catchers. In the ancient time, when American Indian children had nightmares, their parents would hang a handmade Dream Catcher in their room to catch only the good dreams.

Being Intelligent Socially

Fall 2018

A joyous research life is one filled with friendships with trust, respect, support and space. There are no simple formulae for establishing a supportive and sustainable social network. It could be a balance between give and take, between commitment to oneself and to others.